The Division 2 Crafting Guide – Unlock Crafting Station, Crafting Materials Locations, Tips

Carrying some elements of the conventional RPGs, crafting is a vital part of progression in The Division 2.

Not only do you get access to high-level gear and weapons, but also certain items allow you to enhance your existing equipment and becoming a more menacing force.

Below, we discuss how Crafting System in The Division 2 works including the methods to acquire the required materials and some tips to make the process easier and more efficient.

The Division 2 Crafting

Getting high-level gear in the world of TD2 can be tough when it comes to fulfilling certain tasks or defeating some formidable foes for high-tier loot.

As a much more doable and convenient alternative, crafting gets you all the good stuff without the grind and effort required.

At first, you will not have access to the Crafting Station. It is only when you progress a little in the story that you are able to craft items on your own.

This point arrives in the game’s campaign when you complete the second mission titled “Grand Washington Hotel” that sees you making your way to the Theatre.

Here, you will meet a woman, Inaya al-Khaliq, who you can converse with to begin the process of crafting materials.

For crafting throughout the game, you will need to return to the Base of Operations located in the lower level of the White House. Here, head to the crafting station to start your work on enhancing your existing gear or creating a new one.

You can choose from 8 categories in total:

  • Weapon
  • Mods
  • Mask
  • Chest
  • Backpack
  • Gloves
  • Holster
  • Kneepads

Although some items will be purely for a cosmetic purpose, others will play into the game-play and help you progress at a more consistent pace.

Before you can confirm an item to be equipped in your inventory, you will need sufficient materials for its crafting.

Finding Crafting Materials

Various methods to obtain the required components and ingredients will go into the crafting process for an item.

The easiest and most effective way remains via dismantling items since you can break down any obsolete or useless weapon or equipment into the essential components that could be used elsewhere.

The rarity of the item dismantled determines the quality of components you will obtain once the process is complete.

The technique is also rather convenient since you can dismantle items on the fly simply just be opening up the inventory and choosing the desired item to be broken down.

Another technique and an organic one is that you complete the main story missions and optional tasks to get crafting materials alongside the XP and other rewards you acquire for success.

While you are at it, it is always encouraged to explore the world around you to get the most high-tier loot or crafting ingredients.

This sense of exploration is advised because materials for crafting can be found kept in chests and containers riddled throughout the map.

Although most of these valuable boxes will be discovered at random locations, some can be uncovered in Control Points which are basically zones that you need to capture from your opponents and claim it as your own.

Speaking of zones, the game gives the name to most of the abandoned buildings, garages, and shops where you are most likely to find a shipping container full of precious items that you can take along on your journey.

More often than not, you will find some crafting ingredients among the other goodies in such containers.