Hero Preferences In Overwatch? Blizzard Says No

Hero preferences is a feature that’s been very prominent in competitive MOBA games such as League of Legends. One MOBA that doesn’t have the feature is Overwatch. Despite its FPS nature, the hero system does exist within the game. So should the preference system exist as well?

To give further context to this, I’ll explain what exactly the hero preference mechanic is. The mechanic refers to being able to claim a character before queuing up for Matchmaking. That way, you have the lock on that character and don’t have to race for them when the match starts.

This also means that you’ll be queued up more often with people that select different Overwatch heroes in their own preferences. It could definitely end the pre-game arguments that tend to happen over hero selection before a match. This’ll also ensure players with more experience over a character getting the priority of playing them.

Blizzard Entertainment, on the other hand, says this feature wouldn’t bode well for a game like Overwatch. Why? Because one thing the team is trying to get rid of in the game is the act of one-tricking.

A one-trick refers to someone that only knows how to play one hero properly. They dedicate the majority of their in-game hours to that character and them alone. This makes them very adept at that specific character but then they also fall short in others.

I myself am a Genji one-trick, though I’ve started to learn other characters. Not because Blizzard wants me to, because I want to.

This is something that the company needs to understand as they continue to update Overwatch. You can’t dictate how your consumers play your game that they paid for.

Yes, you can restrict things like cheating and toxic behavior since those are malicious. But trying to limit how someone likes to play their game is basically taking away their right to enjoy it.

At the same time, hero preferences in Overwatch could regulate the in-game toxicity as well. Though Blizzard doesn’t seem to care about what the fans want as much as they used to. They’ve proven that in the past already.

Source: Fenixbazaar