Halo Infinite Won’t Miss Xbox One, Not a Next-Gen Exclusive

The long-awaited next title in the Halo series “Halo: Infinite” has now been confirmed for an appearance at E3 this year. Various rumors have been circulating on the internet regarding the platforms for which Halo: Infinite will be releasing.

It was speculated that the game won’t be releasing for Xbox One and while that isn’t yet confirmed, there are many rumors going around.

These rumors were shot down by Halo Franchise Director himself. Replying to a fan on Twitter, Frank O’ Connor confirmed that Halo Infinite will not skip Xbox One. Halo Infinite will release on Xbox One and PC contrary to the rumors to the game being exclusive to Xbox Lockhart and Xbox Anaconda.

I have no idea what leak you’re talking about, but Halo Infinite will be released for Xbox One and appropriately spec’d PCs.

The rumor in question wasn’t baseless though. It stems from a comment made by Brad Sams, a noted Microsoft Insider. During his YouTube show he mentioned:

They (Microsoft) didn’t want to show off any part of the game because it actually looked pretty damn good and they didn’t want to make current-gen stuff look bad.

Sams never mentioned that Halo Infinite won’t be releasing on Xbox One but people made their own conclusions regardless. But it isn’t far fetched to this that the game will release on next-gen Xbox hardware.

Another rumor suggests that Microsoft will be unveiling new Xbox hardware this year at E3. This was another reason people believed that Halo Infinite might not be coming for Xbox One. But so far, no reliable source has confirmed this.

Supposedly, the new hardware will continue the cross-machine compatibility of Xbox One and Xbox One X.

According to recent reports, a disc-free Xbox One with the name of “Xbox One S All-Digital Edition” will be released in May. Pre-orders for the One S will start in April. Meanwhile, Microsoft plans to announce Lockhart and Anaconda at E3 in June.

Halo Infinite will be a “spiritual-reboot” for Xbox One and PC. It will also be the first mainline Halo game since Halo 5: Guardians (2015). The new Xbox consoles are reportedly scheduled to launch in Fall 2020.