Far Cry New Dawn Features A Splinter Cell Teaser

Ubisoft has been teasing Splinter Cell for a while now. The last entry was in 2013 in the form of Blacklist. Meaning it’s been six years now. We have seen easter eggs in Siege and even a guest appearance of the agent in Ghost Recon Wildlands. The latest Ubisoft stunt was Far Cry New Dawn getting a Splinter Cell easter egg in the form of a gear.

Looks pretty snappy. It’s the outfit Sam Fisher wore throughout the events of Blacklist. Sam Fisher is the main protagonist of the Splinter Cell series for those who don’t know.

Far Cry New Dawn is the latest installment of the Far Cry series and also a direct spin-off of Far Cry 5. Of course, the outfit has no relevance to the plot, heck it might not even be a teaser. For all we know, it could just be fan-service. Though this snippet of an interview of Jade Raymond says otherwise.

“There is a design that we actually had and worked on that we would have wanted to make. But since I am not at Ubisoft anymore I can’t talk about it and I don’t know who wants to share that concept.”

E3 is just around the corner now. We’re hoping to see maybe some new Splinter Cell content, even if it’s just a teaser.

Far Cry New Dawn didn’t exactly profit that much. This could be mainly due to the fact that it released so soon after Far Cry 5. This automatically made it feel like a cash grab even if it wasn’t.

That’s why Splinter Cell would be a great place to revisit now. The previous games are by now old enough to induce nostalgia. Exactly how I usually feel when thinking about Splinter Cell Conviction at least.

We’ll know soon enough if all these references are actually teasing to generate hype or just simple fan-service.