Direction For Destiny 3 Hinted By The Short Stories In Destiny 2?

Ever since the Forsaken addition to Destiny 2, the game has been littered with short stories and sagas that paint a picture. Although it’s not a style of storytelling that I endorse, it’s the one they’re using. But the stories we’ve seen in Destiny 2 as of late might be steering the direction of the plot we’ll see in Destiny 3.

We already know that Bungie do plan to continue Destiny 3 since they’ve ensured a long-term commitment to the franchise. Now that they’ve taken the IP from Activision as well, Bungie’s independence might do wonders for the franchise. But where exactly is the story headed for Destiny 3?

For one, we’ve seen Destiny 1 and 2 portray the guardians in a heroic fashion. The player characters are protectors of civilization, utilizing the power of Light from the Traveler to carry out their righteous deeds.

Around the start of 2, the Traveler was taken prisoner by Ghaul. He was then defeated by the Guardians and the Traveler was restored, in what was a pretty underwhelming plot, to be honest.

Forsaken then takes us to the outer rims of the galaxy to avenge our fallen comrade Cayde-6. The fan favorite vanguard portrayed by Nathan Fillion.

During the events following the story of Forsaken and all the other short attachments that came after; Destiny 2 painted the picture of the player Guardian straying away from his/her duties at the tower.

This tied into the Drifter, a character you become affiliated with during the events of Cayde’s redemption. The more you side with the drifter, the further you get from your allies in the tower.

The verdict says that we’ll start getting choices down the line of who to side with. The Vanguards at the tower or the Drifter. Either way, the ongoing story continues to paint a darker narrative of what we can expect in Destiny 3.

Another thing to note is that if we go by the same launch schedule as the previous 2 games. Destiny 3 is most likely to release within 2020. Though only time will tell.

Until then, we have Opulence to look forward to.