Days Gone Is Inspired By Netflix? Sony Bend Explains How

Days Gone is an upcoming post-apocalyptic zombie survival game being developed by SIE Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive.

The game is already said to have over 30 hours of story and almost 6 hours of cutscenes. This gives the players a whole lot of story to play through with multiple narratives and choices which will then shape the story accordingly.

These choices will revolve around upgrading your bike and weapons, spending points on Deacon’s skill tree, and the order in which you experience these storylines.

In order to keep the storyline interesting and the player engaged, Days Gone will take on a Netflix approach, according to creative director and writer John Garvin.

It’s just literally having the threads be like a Netflix menu so that you see them there.

Players will be able to see the events of the story like threads. The events of the story will be presented like the episode menu of Netflix which can be accessed within the pause menu of the game. The player will be able to follow along, plan ahead, and choose which stories to follow.

So [it’s] almost like each of the missions is an episode in a series; you can always kind of pick up and see where you are in that storyline. It was just a way of treating it the way people consume entertainment now, episodically, like through Netflix.

Earlier builds of the game had a more choice-based narrative. Players were presented with choices during cutscenes to decide what to do. Newer builds of the game have streamlined those choices to present simply the story.

This will present a more enjoyable story to the players.

In the alpha build, there were a number of story points where the player could make binary story choices. We removed that post-alpha to make the story progression clearer and stronger.

The ability to make choices remains an important part of Days Gone and focuses on gameplay

earning trust and credits at the encampments, how to upgrade your bike and weapons, how to spend points on Deacon’s skill tree, which storylines to complete and in which order.

Days Gone is releasing on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro April 26.