Hackers Managed To Run Windows 10 On Nintendo Switch, Only Got Blue Screen Of Death!

Nintendo Switch has been center of attention for a lot of hackers and modders as they love to tinker with the handheld console. This time around hackers have managed to install Windows 10 on Nintendo Switch.

Hackers managed to achieve this by exploiting the original Tegra processor’s boot code. There is an exploit in Switch’s Tegra processor that can be used to bypass security measures in place.

Also, hackers didn’t install Windows 10 Home or Pro version on Nintendo Switch but ARM version of the OS. For those who don’t know, Windows 10 ARM is designed to run on low powered ARM-based systems like Nintendo Switch.

This was achieved by the same group of hackers who managed to run Windows 10 ARM in Raspberry Pi 3.

This was revealed in a series of snarky tweets asking Microsoft and Nintendo to fix the OS as the operating system failed to boot properly on Nintendo Switch.

However, this indicates that Switch is totally capable of running the Windows 10 and with a bit more dedication the hackers will be able to properly boot the OS on Switch.

Nintendo has tried it’s best to cover up the exploit and stop hackers. However, this isn’t possible until Nintendo refreshes the hardware for Switch.

Meaning Nintendo actually needs to release Nintendo Switch with a new Tegra SOC, only then Nintendo will truly be able to stop hackers.

However, not all Nintendo Switch hacks are for those who like to run custom code. There is also a hack that boosts Switch’s performance allowing better performance in handheld and docked mode.

This hack basically overclocks the Tegra processor to boost Switch’s performance. However, users need to have Switch connected to the official charger or the dock in order to use it.

This is a sysmodule/service for Atmosphere that uses IPC’s to communicate with its companion NRO, Freeset. This allows you to use any clock speed I’ve found on the Switch. The only restriction I have put in place is that you must be plugged into an official charger or docked if you are crazy enough to want to use the highest two GPU clock speeds.

Clearly, Switch has the performance to spare which raises the question Why Nintendo is holding it back? The reason why Nintendo is restricting Switch is that they need to strike a balance between performance, battery time, and heat.

Other than hacks, Nintendo Switch is also a center of focus for a lot of leaks and rumors. The most recent one is that Persona 5 is coming to Switch. According to the rumor, Persona 5 will launch for Switch in Fall 2019.

Not only that, Devil May Cry 5 director has teased the game for Nintendo Switch. While it’s highly unlikely that Switch will be able to render the game natively but, Capcom might use Cloud to render Devil May Cry 5 on Switch.

Capcom previously used this for Resident Evil 7. It’s going to be interesting to see how the game will work on Switch.