Days Gone Features 6 Hours Of Cutscenes in 30 Hours of Playtime

The upcoming zombie-survival-open world game Days Gone will feature 30 hours of playtime to be fully completed. Among the thirty, 6 hours of the said playtime will be in just Days Gone cutscenes. So buckle up for a cinematic experience in this upcoming zombie game.

We were told about the thirty-hour detail last year but the 6 hours of Days Gone cutscenes was revealed by the development team in some interviews last week.

The game’s close to its release window now, and it looks very polished as well. It’s also a part of the ongoing trend of zombie games that have been enjoyed by gamers since the 90s. Just like the movies in fact.

Days Gone does have a headstart over the Last of Us 2 at least in terms of a release date and being played. In terms of footage, the most we’ve seen is the train sequence of the game along with the wedding cutscene. Both being just enough to provide context to the setting.

The train sequence showed things that looked like scripted events. Running through a small gap and shoving a wooden plank in the way to block out the undead giving chase.

The game does a good job of capturing the horde aspect that zombies have. Traveling in huge herds and overwhelming survivors with their sheer numbers. They do go down easily but then again the director did say that the game is like 28 days later in which the zombies also go down easily.

Days Gone is another contender in the ongoing war between single-player and multiplayer games. The companies of Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard continuing to cater to the multiplayer community.

Sony continues to focus on the gaming base that loves compelling stories and single player experiences. This may change when the PlayStation 5 rolls out though.

Days Gone releases for the PlayStation 4 on the 26th of April 2019.

Source: gamereactor