Oscar Isaac Wants To Play Snake In The Upcoming Metal Gear Solid Movie

You guys already know Oscar Isaac by now, if you don’t, Star Wars should jog up your memory. He plays the headstrong Poe Dameron, the pilot of the ongoing resistance against the First Order. What’s Isaac doing while we wait for the third movie? Apparently, he’s fishing for the role of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid movie that we know to be happening soon.

During an interview with the cast of the Triple Frontier, Isaac expressed his desire to play a memorable video game character to IGN. The important question asked was regarding what role they’d like to play in a video game movie.

Isaac was quick to answer the question, saying he wanted to play Solid Snake, the main protagonist of the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

It’s been confirmed that an MGS movie is in the works under the heading of the director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. He directed Kong Skull Island recently so his capability to make a good movie isn’t too far fetched.

Regarding Isaac’s proposal, Roberts did respond on Twitter. Albeit the answer wasn’t a definitive yes.

The script of the movie has been completed and received high praise from the studios. Though it’s still a very long way from becoming a reality, hence we do still have things like casting and all up grabs.

This movie does fall in the video-game to movie adaption category. We’ve had several types of adaptions already. Book adaptions like Harry Potter and comic adaptions like Spider-Man.

Those were two examples of very successful adaptions though, the trend has otherwise always produced pretty mediocre products.

Isaac pointed out that the trick to getting a good video game movie out is to replicate the experience of playing the original game. But of course, that’s hard to do with a movie that you don’t interact with besides watching.

here’s some adaptions that we have a bit of faith in nontheless.