A Local Newspaper In Mexico Thinks Pokemon Gun Was Actually Real

So let’s start this by saying that this isn’t the first time the meme community has tricked mainstream media into believing them. I’m pretty sure they still think Pewdiepie’s a Nazi right? Anyways, the latest one was when somebody cast confusion ray on a local newspaper in Mexico who thought Pokemon Gun was a real thing.

Let’s give the whole situation more context first.

Nintendo recently unveiled Pokemon Sword and Shield, a new Pokemon game coming to Nintendo Switch. The sword and the shield representing two sides of the game as every game in the series has done in the past. Like Sun and Moon for example.

The sword and shield were represented in coloration by the water and fire starters of the upcoming game. Some artist shared the sentiment among many others (including myself) that the Grass starter was left out yet again.

Since they’d had enough of that, the logo for Pokemon gun was born. It was a simple but tasteful meme that poked fun at the sword and shield aspect of the title.

Plus come on, who wouldn’t want the cute little grass monkey to roll up on some fools with a gat in his fur right?

Either way, this newspaper outlet in Mexico that was advertising the game must’ve half-assed their research into the topic to appeal to the youth. In doing so, they included a meme in what was supposed to be an official promotion of the game in the area.

Even the person tweeting out the story was throwing shade at the paper. Rightfully so as well since this topic clearly wasn’t researched by the publishers at all.

The next thing you know is that parents and boomers are finding another reason to alienate their kids from Pokemon. We’ve already credited satanism to it once before, I guess guns are next?

Take note, this is a slightly better way to appeal to the youth.