AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU Prices Leaked By A Singaporean Retailer

Ryzen 3000 CPUs based on the 7nm process node are to be announced and AMD seems to be in no mood of doing it anytime soon. However, alleged prices for AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs have leaked online and they are quite competitive.

The leaked prices for Ryzen 3000 CPUs come from a Singapore retailer Bizgram. Prices leaking for the upcoming AMD CPUs might seem like the company will announce them soon. But don’t get your hopes up as AMD has confirmed that it will announce it in mid-2019.

Also, this isn’t the first time prices and specs for AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs have leaked and this new leak gives a little bit more credence to previous leaks. According to the leak, Ryzen 3 3300 costs $111, Ryzen 3300X costs $145 and so on.

Here is the full list of leaked AMD CPUs and their respective prices.

  • Ryzen 3 3300 – $111
  • Ryzen 3 3300X – $145
  • Ryzen 3 3300G – $145
  • Ryzen 5 3600 – $200
  • Ryzen 5 3600X – $258
  • Ryzen 5 3600G – $224
  • Ryzen 7 3700 – $336
  • Ryzen 7 3700X – $370
  • Ryzen 9 3800X – $505
  • Ryzen 9 3850X – $561

Given that AMD is yet to announce these CPUs and prices, take this leak with a grain of salt. Also, it will be interesting to see how much improvement we will see when AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs launch over Ryzen 2000.

Other than prices, last year also saw full specs for Ryzen 3000 CPUs leaked along with their prices. Here is a few highlights from the leaked CPU specs and prices.

  • AMD Ryzen 3 3300X – 6-Cores, 12 Threads, 3.5 GHz base clock, 4.3GHz Boost clock, $129
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600X – 8-Cores, 16 Threads, 4.0 GHz base clock, 4.8 GHz Boost clock, $229
  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700X – 12-Cores, 24 Threads, 4.2 GHz GHz base clock, 5.0 GHz Boost clock, $329
  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700 – 12-Cores, 24 Threads, 3.8 GHz base clock, 4.6 GHz Boost clock, $299
  • AMD Ryzen 3850X – 16-Cores, 32 Threads, 4.3 GHz base clock, 5.1 GHz Boost clock, $499

While we wait for desktop Ryzen 3000 CPUs, AMD has launched its Ryzen 3000 Mobile CPUs along with Athlon Mobile, A-Series Mobile CPUs. However, Ryzen 3000 Mobile CPUs are based on the 12nm process node and feature Vega graphics.

Aside from CPUs and GPUs, AMD is also in the business of manufacturing APUs and both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are powered by AMD chips. While the company hasn’t exactly specified it but almost confirmed PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett for 2020.

Given that how both Sony and Microsoft intend to support PS4 Pro and Xbox One X when the next-gen console launches, it’s imperative that both PS5 and Xbox Scarlett use AMD APUs.

However, until Microsoft and Sony reveal specs for their next-gen consoles, we can only speculate. But, it’s highly likely that both consoles will use AMD chips and will probably launch by 2020.

Source: Tomshardware