The Division 2 Open Beta Now Live, Here’s How to Play and Earn Rewards

The wait is over as Division 2 open beta is now live on all platforms and anyone can try out the game before it releases later this month. If you have already played the previous closed or technical tests then we still advise you to try it out as you will earn rewards just for playing it.

Division 2 open beta runs till March 5 at 4 am EST and that’s a lot of time for you to try it out and unlock rewards for the final version of the game. As for how to play it, you just have to choose your preferred platforms either being Xbox One, PS4 or PC. Just go to the respective stores and search the beta and start downloading.

You will find it under the demo tab inside the PlayStation Store. The beta comes with a massive file size so make sure to free up some space before you download and also for any updates. If you are on PC and using Ubisoft’s dedicated launcher, you will at least need 48GB of space.

It’s not the same as the private beta as there are a lot of new changes including increased level, new missions, skill and more.

Here’s everything included in this beta.

  • New story mission called “Viewpoint Museum”.
  • Level cap increased to level 8
  • A new skill called Chem Launcher with two different variants: Riot Foam and Explosive Vapor.
  • 4v4 PvP mode Skirmish map playable on Capitol Ruins and the stadium.
  • Two main missions from the previous beta: Grand Washington Hotel and Jefferson Trade Center with Story, Normal, Hard difficulties
  • Five side missions with control points and side activities around the White House, Downtown East, The Federal Triangle, and the Smithsonian zones
  • Dark Zone East (PvP/PvE)
  • End game mission with three level 30 characters (each one has a unique specialization)

Besides all that, you can earn some cosmetic rewards to use in the final launch of the game. Though keep in mind that your progress will not carry over to the full release.  You can earn some of them by just playing the beta and some require completion of missions. You can check out these items along with their requirements below.

  • DC Patriot Weapon Skin: Can be earned by participating in the beta
  • Capitol Hill Arm Patch: Rewarded for completing the “Invaded” mission
  • Supply Crate Backpack Trophy: You can earn this by completing the Dark Zone introduction mission
  • Capitol Hill Backpack Trophy: Another reward for participating in the open beta

The Division 2 releases on March 15, 2019, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.