RE2 Director Talks About How Capcom Developed Mr. X In Resident Evil 2

RE2 director Kazunori Kadoi sat down with PC Gamer today to talk about all of the work that went into putting Mr. X in Resident Evil 2, and terrifying a huge crowd of gamers with the extremely persistent BOW’s booming footsteps and implacable advance. It’s a big change, especially from the original game.

Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 is a drastic change from the original, which combined with upgraded visuals, tougher zombies, and more, but this has only upped his popularity with players, resulting in several PC mods that do things like play DMX’s “X Gonna Give It To Ya” every time Mr. X appears, or even taking off his clothes and leaving him in an Umbrella-branded thong.

In the original Resident Evil 2, players did still have to deal with Mr. X, but there the enemy worked very differently. He would pop up at random throughout the station instead of constantly searching for you and had no buildup, and was also much easier to take down. Once you did take him down, he also stayed down, at least until his next appearance.

Kazunori Kadoi went into detail with PC gamer on how Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 actually works, talking about everything from his footsteps to his search pattern. For instance, Mr. X very rarely teleports around the station, unless you’ve done something like find a key item. Otherwise, he’ll be methodically searching the station, so if you hear him coming, hide somewhere he won’t look and just wait for him to leave.

There’s also only ever one Mr. X in Resident Evil 2. While there is at least one bug where you can spawn a second Mr. X in a different phase in the game, there is never more than one Mr. X stalking you at one time.

Kadoi also said that he was somewhat surprised that people were enjoying Mr. X to such a large degree, but that the development team was happy that their work was being recognized and enjoyed so much. So, if you want to be terrified by Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 like so many people already have been, you can play the game on the Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox One.