Sony Demands $16,800 in Damages from a Man Selling Jailbroken PS4 Consoles

Sony Interactive Entertainment (Sony) is now asking for $16,800 as compensation from a California man named Eric David Scales who they accused of selling jailbroken PS4 consoles with pirated games back in October. It all happened after the accused pirate failed to respond to the company’s calls but Sony had the option to opt for a default judgment, which they did.

The Japanese giant is being reasonable as it’s only counting the channels present on the defendant’s website for promoting pirated games on the console. Although he has many others. Sony is not including man’s offer of selling a Jailbroken PS4 filled with “170 games”.

It’s pretty clear that the creators of PlayStation are leaving a clear message for all the jailbreakers and pirates out of this prosecution.

Defendant is an individual who has marketed, sold, and distributed ‘jailbroken’ PS4 consoles that: (a) contain ‘pirated’ (unauthorized) copies of PS4-compatible video games, and (b) were produced and designed for purposes of, and/or were marketed by Defendant for use in, circumventing technological protection measures. in the ordinary course, effectively ensure that PS4 systems will not play “pirated” (unauthorized) copies of PS4-compatible video games. Defendant also offers “PS3/4” jailbreaking services on his website.

These “jailbroken” PS4 consoles are loaded with unauthorized copies of PS4 video games. According to the Eric Scales, people that own his PS4 consoles can stop buying games.

Scales is accused of violating DMCA by finding a way around the protective measures present on the PlayStation 4 console. Basically, the company is asking $800 for every two consoles sold and $200 for every pirated game. The site listed 76 games in total resulting in a sum of $16,800 in damages. Apart from that, Sony is also including court costs of $3,500.

This amount is due to the Applicant’s intentional violation and infringement of the DMCA, his refusal to attend this action, and his intent that his products be used to deprive Sony of the opportunity to sell PS4 games originals.

As for PS4, the console launched back in November 2013 and managed to stay safe from any jailbreak until 2016 which is when it first got hacked. Since then the console can be easily jailbroken and “Blackcloak13” is just one of the many people selling jailbroken consoles with pirated games. It’s getting out of hand and Sony is trying to put an end to it before it escalates further.

Interestingly in the case of PlayStation consoles, each one has been hacked or jailbroken near to the release of a next-gen console so we might be actually near the launch of PlayStation 5.