More Evidence of Bully 2’s Existence Surface

Bully 2 is back in rumors once again and the latest tells us that Rockstar Games is now hiring voice talents for the game. The listing comes from Pinewood Studios which is rumored to be working on the sequel of Bully with Rockstar.

Pinewood Studios is supposedly providing the voice talent to the game. The listing which has expired says that the studio is “seeking [a] young German/Dutch/Scandinavian male voice talent for an English-language video game project.”

Moreover, the casting is for a friend of “Male School Bully” aged between 13-17. It’s mentioned that their “relationship is toxic, as he is a bully, often making the boy the butt of his jokes.” The full description can be seen in the picture below.

Bull 2 role description

We don’t know about you but to us that sounds just like James “Jimmy” Hopkins from the Bullworth Academy. If that doesn’t convince you then you can check out the script log below.

Script 1:

(Patronising) – “Aren’t ugly band shirts a little outdated? Hahahaha.
Aw come on, I’m only joking!”
(Forceful) – “Your dad is such a loser. Isn’t he? He is, isn’t he?”
(Mocking) – “What, are you going to cry now? Do you want to go
home to your mommy?”

Script 2:

No, everything is fine Dad. Nobody bothers me at school anymore,
cause, when there was this guy, this guy who is a grade older than me,
he pushed me in the hallway and I kicked him really hard and really
fast right in his you know what and he went down like this…(imitates
the kid in his story by falling down to the floor on his
back) AHHHH….just like that! (getting back up) And he didn’t do
anything but he only walked away. He doesn’t do anything
anymore. No one does cause they know I’d fight ’em.

Ironically if it’s not the script of Bully 2 then it’s a lot like it. For that matter, since October 2008 we haven’t got the chance to try out any game similar to Bully. There’s basically no game that is centered around the point of bullying.

Back in last October, another rumored casting call for the game was released referring to “College Professors” making everyone think that it’s for the sequel. But the casting director of this project, Jessica Jefferies confirmed that it’s not what everyone is expecting it to be.

As for the latest Bully 2 rumor, Comicbook reached out to the casting director who neither confirmed or denied it, leaving us all confused furthermore.