Rumor: Persona 5 Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch This Fall

We’ve had an information leak regarding what Atlus plans to do with Persona 5, a project that’s been kept under wraps for quite a while. A Tweet from Mr. Ohayo claims that we’ll be seeing Persona 5 come to the Nintendo Switch in Fall 2019.

The official confirmation will supposedly be announced before May.

We haven’t seen a main series Persona game on the Nintendo consoles before, let alone the Switch. All we’ve seen is a few spin-off games while the mainstream Persona series has been primarily on the PlayStation consoles. I played Persona 3 myself on the PSP.

Considering that we’ve seen Persona 5 content in Smash Ultimate, another Nintendo Switch exclusive, it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing 5 be ported soon enough.

Content aforementioned above is quite an understatement actually, since the main protagonist of Persona 5, the Joker, is literally in the roster of Smash Ultimate.

Atlus has been quite busy as of late if we are to officially get this confirmation of Persona 5 on the Nintendo Switch. I mean according to Kazuhisa Wada, they’re already working on the next game, Persona 6.

The series itself does also belong on a console like a Switch. Nintendo tends to specialize in Japanese cult following type games such as the Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros and even Persona.

The grinding nature of the game regarding leveling up your character and their Personas is also more desirable on a portable platform. That’s why I enjoyed Persona 3 on the PSP. Wouldn’t have been fun waiting all day to get home just for an exposition dump and no trip into the dark dimension.

Building up Social links with your favorite characters on the move can also be fun. Plus the funky music of Persona 5 on let’s say, a bus going through the countryside sounds absolutely delightful.

Either way, getting back on track, we’ll know before May if Atlus really is bringing Persona 5 to the Nintendo Switch or not. Here’s to hoping that they do. Nintendo needs one of the main series installments at least.

Not to mention it’d be a crime to put Joker in the Smash Ultimate roster but not the game he’s from on the Switch.