The Next Kingdom Hearts Game Will Likely Come Before Kingdom Hearts 4

An interview with Tetsuya Nomura in the Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultimania magazine has given us information that the next Kingdom Hearts game will likely be coming before Kingdom Hearts 4, a double confirmation that has had the fanbase getting excited over the fact that we’ll be getting two Kingdom Hearts games in the future.

Kingdom Hearts 3 finally came out in January after a seven year gap between it and the last game to come out, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. The game won critical acclaim and sold a huge number of units, but even though it just came out a month ago many players are already anxious for news on whether the series will continue.

Nomura’s interview in the Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultimania magazine has given us at least a tentative confirmation that the series will be continuing after 3, though we have no idea of a date of when these two games will come out, what they will be about, or what platforms they’ll be on.

The fact that a new Kingdom Hearts game is coming out before Kingdom Hearts 4 is, thankfully, not very big news. All of the numbered entries of the Kingdom Hearts games have been separated by at least one or two games that, while continuing the story, don’t quite tie into the main story that the numbered games get into.

However, Kingdom Hearts 4 may be a long way off, as Nomura said that there would be “at least” one Kingdom Hearts game before the fourth numbered entry. Whether this means that we get a similar gap between numbered games like between Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3, or it’s faster to do this time, remains to be seen.

Either way, we at least do know that the next Kingdom Hearts game is a concept that Square Enix is likely working on, and hopefully we won’t have to wait seven years between games to continue to get our Kingdom Hearts fix.