Gearbox Possibly Teases Borderlands 3 Once Again, This Time For PAX East 2019

Gearbox has promised surprises and never before seen footage presumably for Borderlands 3. The studio didn’t specify what the content was for, so obviously we’re going to assume Borderlands 3.

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Definitely, something big the studio has planned and Borderlands has been teased multiple times before. Not too long ago, Randy Pitchford kept implying there’d be a preview at the video game awards.

Wile Borderlands 2 announcement wasn’t made at The Game Awards, hopefully, we get to see something besides the unreal technology showcase of the game. Yes, we already know that the game is definitely in development but it’d be nice to have some show of progress.

All the info we have about Borderlands 3 was through these leaks. That’s it, nothing beyond that but Mr. Pitchford did say that 90% of the Gearbox staff was working on Borderlands 3. If that many people are focused there, surely the game’s going to be out soon.

Thing is we haven’t even seen an official trailer, so is it possible that the game’s still a year or more away from release? Maybe they’re planning something like what Mortal Kombat 11 did, releasing the game within months of the trailer.

It’s a good thing Gearbox didn’t end up taking over Halo or we might’ve never gotten Borderlands 3 at all. As for now, we’d just like to see it come a bit sooner.

I’d also like to add more to this wishlist. Such as maybe returning playable characters. I just want any excuse to play as Zer0 again. And as I’ve added in my previous articles on the subject of Borderlands 3, DO NOT, KILL, ZER0! Thank you.