Destiny 2 Season 7 Is Called Opulence, Details Inside

Bungie’s opened up more about the last chapter in Destiny year 2. Forsaken had a bumpy ride, to say the least. With Destiny 2 season 7, let’s see if the company can redeem itself with “Opulence.”

Opulence will be coinciding with another add-on called Penumbra. The clash will be similar to how Joker’s wild pass merged with the season of the Drifter.

The Wild pass and drifter add ons were focused on Forsaken’s Gambit mode, A mixture of PvP and PvE in a team-based game mode. All in all, a focus more on the arena aspect of the game.

Opulence, on the other hand, has taken us back to the location of the game’s first raid known as the Leviathan. Luke Smith, director of Destiny 2 did say that the team is currently testing the content for Opulence. This means we can expect more details to surface soon.

We do know that Destiny 2 Opulence will be featuring another power increase for guardians everywhere. Increasing the level cap even further beyond what it already is. Players can also expect another exotic quest to grind for the latest new gold tier weapon. More on that will be revealed soon.

The Penumbra add-on coming alongside Opulence will also bring a new raid as well as a 6-stack matchmaking activity. Until then, we have the season of the Drifter running from the 5th of March till May this year.

A very important thing to note about Destiny 2 season 7 is that Opulence officially marks the end of the partnership between Bungie and Activision. After the Opulence event is live in June and then ends in August, Destiny 2 will be completely self-published by Bungie.

This is either good or bad news based on your perception of the partnership in the first place. Fans of Destiny 2 so far are entering a risky spot since the game is now going to be open to changes.

On the other hand, anybody feeling that Activision has been holding back Bungie from producing great content should be relatively pleased. Of course, this all applies after Destiny 2 Opulence ends in August.