Plague Inc. Anti-Vaxxers Added To Game After Fan Petition Requests It

A lot of people on the internet know about anti-vaxxers, people who refuse to have their children vaccinated because they claim that vaccines give their children autism or other health problems. Now Ndemic Creations has added Plague Inc. anti-vaxxers to the game following a fan petition to request their inclusion.

The impetus for the inclusion of anti-vaxxers into a game about infectious diseases mainly comes from the actions that many of them take in their misguided efforts to prevent their children from being vaccinated. In the past this has resulted in various eradicated diseases like measles making resurgences due to the children of the anti-vaxxers not having their vaccinations.

These anti-vaxxers have since caused outbreaks of measles and other diseases in a number of countries, particularly in the United States where several states have warned of outbreaks of measles in various states that have been traced back to anti-vaxxers. Costa Rica has also been contaminated by measles five years after eradicating the disease due to a French family with unvaccinated children vacationing there.

The Plague Inc. anti-vaxxers are just as dangerous, if not more, especially since the entire point of the game is for the player to wipe all life off the face of the Earth with various infectious diseases. While there’s no telling how Ndemic will implement this system into the game, it will still hamper efforts by the game’s world to cure your disease and possibly do things like cause the disease to spread faster in areas where it originally couldn’t go, like Madagascar.

There’s no telling when Ndemic will add in the Plague Inc anti-vaxxers so that human ignorance and stupidity can bring about our own downfall, but since Ndemic has already been quite supportive of the petition from the fans, hopefully it won’t take too long.