Microsoft Chief Says Delivering a New Store for PC Gaming is Priority, Hints at Reveal on E3

Microsoft’s gaming and Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, has extensively talked about how the firm has a lot of work to do on Windows platform for PC gamers. In a recent interview, Spencer again highlighted Microsoft’s objective for PC gaming. According to him, Microsoft and Xbox gaming wants to improve the store. Spencer alsohinted that additional news regarding this matter will be revealed at E3 2019 in June.

Speaking to PC Gamer during an extensive interview, Spencer revealed that Microsoft’s priority right now is to develop a proper store for PC gamers. The Microsoft Store is currently the only way to access the firm’s own first-party videogames. The store itself is a clunky mess, paling in comparison to more popular ones like Valve’s Steam.

“First priority is delivering a new Store experience for games that factors in all of our learnings from past challenges on the PC… I know we’ve talked quite a bit over time about what we want to deliver for the player on PC, but at E3 this year, and throughout 2019, you’ll begin to see where we’ve been investing to deliver across Store, services, in Windows and in great games. It’s just the beginning.”

When asked about whether Microsoft will consider future Xbox Game Studios games to release on Steam, Spencer’s response was more non-committal.

“It’s a good question and something we’ve spent a lot of time thinking through. I expect us to share more details on our plans here soon.”

Microsoft is currently working on making some adjustments to Windows 10, specifically the way new game installations work. We estimate the release of this update to be in April. Thurrott reports that these changes will include new services and drivers that could enable Windows 10 to install certain Xbox games at some point in the future.

Regardless of what the update is about, it’s certainly encouraging for PC gamers to see attention focus back on them after years of being neglected. PC gaming has seen a resurgence over the past few years and it appears Microsoft is pushing to make it the leading platform for videogames once again.