Data Shows Red Dead Online Generates Less Revenue than GTA Online

Red Dead Redemption was critically acclaimed and arguably the most loved game of 2018. Continuing the trend set by Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar and Take-Two launched Red Dead Online, a multiplayer variant of the singleplayer title. Red Dead Online is still in the beta phase, but the game hasn’t witnessed the same widespread popularity as Grand Theft Auto Online.

According to Super Data, who published the digital games market sales for the month of January 2019, Red Dead Online revenue is a staggering 5 times less than GTA Online. RDR Online saw an overall decrease in revenue during January by 14% month-over-month.

Of course, Super Data is quick to point out in their article that comparisons at the moment are unfair, given Red Dead Online is still in its infancy. GTA Online on the other hand has had a long lifespan. This salient point is valid and germane, but forecasting suggests it is unlikely that RDR Online revenues and general popularity will ever match that of GTA Online.

For a fair comparison, it would be more prudent to compare the numbers five years down the line after the official release of Red Dead Online. Nevertheless, this data does show that RDR Online hasn’t received the same warm reception as GTA Online. This was expected, given the numerous problems Rockstar’s previous multiplayer title had.

Rockstar Games is continuously expanding RDR Online beta to encourage more gamers to invest in their title. Recently, the developers released a major update that addresses “destructive player behavior” and a special event called the Fool’s Gold Free Roam Event. Rockstar also added new weapons and cosmetic items, including special items that will come and go by time.

Super Data’s article also gave insight on the top ten games of January in terms of overall digital sales. FIFA 19 took the top spot, whereas popular multiplayer title Fortnite declined 48% month-over-month on all platforms combined.