We Almost Had A Gearbox Headed Halo Before 343 Industries Took Over

Bungie created the Halo franchise, we all know this. They lovingly molded the legendary Halo trilogy and even made ODST and Reach afterward. After that, they moved to develop the ongoing Destiny games (recently becoming truly independent), which left Halo as an orphan franchise. During the decision making progress of what to do with Halo, did you know that Gearbox almost took over Halo?

Gearbox was the company behind Borderlands, the loot and shoot FPS game series whose third installment should’ve been here by now. They’ve had experience with the franchise before when they helped port the PC edition of Halo Combat Evolved.

The info of Halo’s possible takeover was revealed by Bonnie Ross, the current head behind 343 Industries who run the IP currently. Bungie’s departure from Halo had put Microsoft in quite the spot.

They had two specific choices to make, one being to hand the franchise over to Gearbox, the other would’ve been to end the series on Reach. This decision would’ve had mixed feelings for fans of the franchise.

One side of the division would’ve liked to see the series end the way Bungie left it, since they believed that no other company could possibly steer the ship of the series in the right direction.

Another side didn’t want the series to end on the notes that Bungie had left them in. Their last game, Halo Reach, quite literally ended in the saddest way possible with everybody dying. Their deaths weren’t for nothing though.

A glimmer of hope in the grim situation of Reach was the Pillar of Autumn making its escape with John-117 onboard. That thrust the story into the holy trilogy of 1-3 which we saw end on the most painful cliffhanger ever.

The Master Chief, floating aimlessly in Space within the severed half of the Forward Unto Dawn. Going into Cryostasis.

Think about it, Master Chief’s last words could’ve been “Wake me, when you need to”. Would you have been okay with that?

At the same time, how would a Gearbox driven Halo have turned out? Chief landing on Pandora to help the Vault Hunters against Handsome Jack? Take my money!