Stop Making A Big Deal About Jake’s Desk Smack During The Overwatch League

To give a better context to this, I’m going to share the headline of an article talking about the same incident as I am. The wording in the headline being quite hilarious in hindsight to when you actually see the subject in question. The topic surrounds a player named Jake in the Overwatch league.

I feel like the word controversy really lost its meaning there as soon as mainstream media outlets started to bash the pro player for no reason at all.

I do agree with sportsmanship part when it comes to professional Esports. If people want video games to be taken as seriously as real sports, it’ll really help the case if the players act professionally as well.

At the same time, we don’t want mannequins or mindless token zombies. It’s fine to show emotions sometimes, in fact, it shows that people actually care about the game they’re playing. Jake made this evident in the Overwatch league when he smacked his desk.

We’ve seen shows of emotions in real sports as well, like football and cricket. So if anything, this display of frustration by Jake makes Esports even more resemblant to real ones.

Most of the gamers even calling out this as “controversy” are the same ones who’ve probably smashed controllers trying to beat Ornstein and Smough, so hypocrisy gets thrown in as well.

Now regardless of whether or not the headline I showcased was actually in support of Jake, the title was still trying to incite controversy and basically monger issues where issues aren’t even present.

Even the owner of Boston Uprising, another team in the Overwatch league, said that this isn’t as big a deal as most of these sites are making it out to be.

Overwatch has catered to a certain audience that likes to endorse the outrage culture of our society. This always does worse than it does well for these games since the people being outraged don’t even buy or play the games. Regardless of how much they cater.

But enough of this, the story’s gotten enough attention as is. Let’s focus back on the game itself? Speaking of which, you guys seen the new Overwatch hero yet?