Overwatch Reveals New Hero Baptiste In Origin Story Trailer

Overwatch has reached a milestone by officially revealing their 30th character. That’s right, a new hero is about to be added to the roster within the next few days, hopefully. Overwatch reveals Baptiste, a new support hero who might be dishing out just as much DPS judging from the trailer.
So he has a tragic backstory with Talon.

His dynamic is a bit more interesting on the other hand. It reflects and emphasizes on the concept of choice. The character’s concept of life is going to be directly mirroring his concept within the gameplay as well.

Baptiste fell in with Talon after the events of the Omnic crisis and war with the machines. During his time with the shady organization, he learned how to not only defend himself in battle but also to keep others alive.

After leaving Talon for reasons that haven’t been clarified yet, he became a vigilante. Similar to Soldier 76 or McCree in their current time. Whether or not Baptiste will be a part of the newly recalled Overwatch that’s forming is still unknown.

His belief of choice is reflected in both his affiliations of life and most likely his option to heal or deal damage. He was seen holding up portable mini health packs so perhaps his kit involves using those as projectiles?

The reveal of this new Overwatch hero isn’t a surprise to most who’ve been tuned in to Blizzard’s subtle teases on Twitter and the Battle.net client.

The Spring season is looking good for Overwatch players currently since we’ve gotten a good amount of new content as of late. We had our 29th hero in the form of Ashe not too long ago alongside some balance changes.

Let’s not forget the reveal of Paris, a new double point capture map that hasn’t been out for a month even. Players haven’t had time to properly learn all the nooks and crannies of that map, yet here comes in your boy Baptiste.

Exciting months ahead for the Overwatch community, besides the ongoing League of course.