Horror Game Devotion Removed from Steam Following Meme Controversy

The recently released horror game “Devotion” from developer Red Candle Games has been removed from Steam following the meme controversy which involves Winnie the Pooh and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Devotion was removed from Steam after a player discovered an in-game meme which mocked the Chinese President. The poster says “Xi Jinping Winnie-the-Pooh moron” which is a popular meme used on the internet to compare the president to cartoon bear.

The Chinese government has also cracked down everyone on the social media who compared the president to a bear. The Oscar-nominated Disney film Christopher Robin was also banned in the country for the same reason. It’s just something you don’t ever want to do.

Taiwan based Red Candle apologized to everyone and said that it’s nothing but “purely an accident” while apologizing to everyone.

The studio also said:

The whole team of Red Candle Games bears the responsibility of this awfully unprofessional mistake. It is not Red Candle’s vision to secretly project extensive ideology, nor is it to attack any person in the real world.

It is our genuine hope that everyone can remain calm and shift the focus back to the game’s core message, which can be obtained through playing experience of Devotion.

Interestingly, focusing on the game is not possible anymore since it is no longer available on Steam after Chinese people review bombed the game.

According to the developer, they have pulled the game back to do another quality assurance check.

Due to technical issues that cause unexpected crashes and among other reasons, we are pulling Devotion off from steam store to have another complete QA check. At the same time we’d like to take this opportunity to ease the heightened pressure in our community resulted from our previous Art Material Incident, our team would also review our game material once again making sure no other unintended materials was inserted in. Hopefully this would help all audience to focus on the game itself again upon its return.

All of the official game trailers have been also removed from Youtube. It has turned out to be a big mistake for the developers as their another game called Detention is now also being review-bombed.

The horror game released on February 19 exclusively for Steam and it takes you on the exploration of an old Taiwanese apartment. It’s very dark, serious and emotional but unfortunately, we don’t know when it’ll be back.