Fallout 76’s 2019 Roadmap Includes New Quests, Events, Modes And More

Bethesda Game Studios has now outlined a 6-month roadmap of Fallout 76 in 2019 which starts next month with the Wild Appalachia update bringing new quests, event, survival mode and more to the struggling game.

Wild Appalachia starts next month in Fallout 76 from March 12 and lasts till May 23. It will bring a variety of new content to the game including new quests, game mode features, a seasonal event and more.

There are two quests called Shear Terror and Ever upwards. The first quest takes you to uncover “uncover the ‘encryptid’ secrets of Appalachia” and Ever Upwards is a “journey to the deepest reaches of the woods with new stories for the legendary Pioneer Scouts”.

New features include Legendary Vendor, scrapping, C.A.M.P. decorating, player vending, functional camera, brewing, and distilling. The seasonal event: Fasnacht Parade is described as follows.

Chase away Old Man Winter and quicken the coming of spring with the ancient festival of Fasnacht! Join the celebration and complete this new limited-time event to earn unique rewards in the form of festive Fasnacht Masks.

It will also bring the first PvP survival to the game which you can know more about in our article here.

The first event upcoming event in Fallout 76 will be followed by summer’s Nuclear Winter and Wastelanders in fall. Nuclear Winter introduces raids for the first time in the game and will also open Vault 96 and 94 which have been found in the game but their entrances are sealed. It will “completely change the rules of the wasteland” according to Bethesda Softworks.

New feature includes new prestige system called Legendary players will allow everyone about level 50 to become legendary with more powerful abilities.

There’s not much information about Wastelanders available yet but it’s mentioned in the roadmap that it’s the “biggest and most ambitious update of Fallout 76”. It will bring new main questlines, events, new features and more. Stay tuned to know more about it.

Developers also left a note for all the players admitting that they have made mistakes but promised that they will continue to work on the game.

Thank you for sticking with us as we figure this online experience out together, and we do mean ‘together. We know the game had a difficult launch, and we’ve made mistakes along the way. We share in your frustrations when we do. Know that we’re fully dedicated to making this game the best it can be — and even more so, a platform for endless Fallout adventures for years to come.

It’s good to see that the developers are still working on the game despite having one of the worst game launches ever. By looking at all the things to come we can say that 2019 is going to better than the previous but only if they don’t keep messing up again and again which they unfortunately are. Otherwise, consider all the fans of the Fallout series to be gone.

Fallout 76 is now available to play on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.