Ever Wanted To See Mr X In A Thong? Resident Evil 2 Remake Mod Make it Happen

If you found this article, then you know you want what I’m talking about. Mr X gets stripped down to a thong in this Resident Evil 2 remake mod. Not just that, he’s also got flip flops and sunglasses as a little cherry on top of the getup.

Hell yes, I mean this could go both ways. Either players are now going to be more terrified of him, or they’ll be more inclined to get caught. If you catch my drift…

This also adds a whole new meaning to “X gon’ give it to ya”. Sorry, had to squeeze that joke in.

This is another step forward you could say for the modding community after the popularity surge of the first-person mod. To bring back those Resident Evil 7 vibes to the zone for fans of the game.

Just imagine walking down the hallway and peeking around the corner. Only to be greeted by this big buff chrome dude in an Umbrella thong. I know we all want Ada but give the guy a chance, man.

But yes, surely an immersion breaker maybe. I mean why would you run from Mr. X if he was in such alluring attire? Yet the game forces you to. There’s no logical explanation to Leon or Claire hightailing it away from Mr. X in a thong, rather than leaping into his big strong arms.

If some of you have gotten this mod but are struggling to actually get to Mr. X himself, here’s a helpful guide. I can understand the rush and enthusiasm to see him in a thong with shades.

Also, we already know the jerk cliche. The one where they wear sunglasses indoors at night. Who better than Mr. X in a thong to be showcasing that trait.

Capcom truly have outdone themselves. Not by putting X in a thong, no, that was a modder. But the success of the Resident Evil 2 remake has set the company on a path for future games. What approach to take, what genre to stick to, everything.

Safe to say that we better buckle up for a ride whenever Resident Evil 8 comes out.