New Overwatch Hero Hinted In This Blizzard Teaser? Baptiste or Cuerva?

Overwatch has a pretty beefy roster currently. The last few heroes were released at a comfortable pace of time between each other. Such as with Doomfist, Orisa, Brigitte, Hammond, and Ashe. Now it looks like Blizzard Entertainment is teasing us with another possible hero release according to this tweet. So who is this new Overwatch hero?

So there are two names to take from this teaser. Captain Cuerva and Bapiste. Either one of these two could be the hero we’ll see.

Bapiste was the main focus of the teaser. Being spoken about as a medic with unparalleled aim. Sort of reminds me of Ana with how she’s a support sniper no? This could mean Talon may be getting another medic alongside Moira, even though what they really need is a tank.

Speaking of Ana brings me to my next point, however. Ana was initially revealed as a surprise, despite all the teasers having been hinting at Sombra. Ana’s reveal was sort of a bamboozle to us all. Even more than that, Sombra’s eventual reveal was a double bamboozle.

We suspect the same principle to be possibly applied here. Since the focus of the teaser is on Bapiste but from another point of view. That view being Cuerva’s.

Overwatch most recently revealed a new map called Paris. This isn’t necessarily a teaser, but maybe it could be?

We’ve seen maps being used as lore dumps or hints to the next addition of the Overwatch roster by Blizzard. Doomfist was built up by the Numbani map, which depicted a trashed airport as well as a missing gauntlet.

Another good example was when Ashe was released. Shortly before her reveal, we had subtle changes in the route 66 map.

What kind of hero would you like to see in Overwatch next? Perhaps we could use a defensive tank now. One that’s associated with talon since they have too much DPS.

Another conclusion we can come to is the long awaited arrival of Jetpack cat, who was supposedly a scrapped idea. We have Winston and Hammond, give us the kitty!

Maybe this next hero finally has Terry Crews involved as well, one can hope. This all is even assuming if there is a new Overwatch hero.