Poland Is Selling Fallout 76 For Free With $5 Thumbsticks

The downward spiral for Bethesda’s multiplayer title continues to gain traction. This time the issue has reached Poland, as Fallout 76 is being sold for $5 with PS4 thumbsticks in one hell of a bundle. Selling a $60 game for just 5? Damn.

We already know how Germany’s been dealing with Fallout 76, now we know that Poland is sort of on the same boat.

This basically means that so many people didn’t buy Fallout 76 that these retailers overstocked on copies of the game. It’s come to a point that they have to get rid of these copies through any means necessary.

Why would nobody buy a game you ask? Probably because it failed to meet many expectations and have any standards basically. Besides struggling to make sales, Fallout 76 was also very susceptible to being refunded. Some people were very determined to get that refund.

The game’s been a mess since its launch. This isn’t an exaggeration from someone who hates Bethesda or something. In fact, I’m a fan of the company. I’ve put many hours into Skyrim, New Vegas and Fallout 4. As someone who’s expected good from Bethesda, I was severely disappointed with Fallout 76. Along with most of the world’s gaming population in fact.

All these retailers, desperately trying to dump the game from their shelves is another sign pointing towards Fallout 76 going free-to-play.

At this point, Bethesda might as well do that. Charging the game at full price should be considered borderline illegal at this point. That’s how unfinished the game can feel at times, with its textures, reused assets, copy pasted format, everything.

Of course, there are people that do enjoy the game. And yes they do have the right to enjoy a game the way they like. They shouldn’t be susceptible to criticism for having different tastes.

The issue lies within how this enjoyment affects the future of both that company and games in general. Enjoying Fallout 76 and buying it from Bethesda will basically encourage them to continue this copy pasting madness.

It’s no news to us now that they’ve been using the same engine since Morrowind. They still haven’t felt the need to upgrade that at all, and Elder Scrolls VI is now on the way.

Do understand that this isn’t a callout to genuine Fallout 76 players, but just consider the future of Bethesda when you endorse this kind of product.