The Division 2 Technical Test Starts Today, Here’s What You Should Know

The Division 2 technical test by Ubisoft is scheduled to start today ahead of the game’s open beta. The technical test of the game will only last for a day as it ends on February 22nd and is only available on PC and for a limited number of players.

The main purpose of the Division 2 technical alpha test is to check out and evaluate the fixes and improvements that the developers have done to the game since its last closed beta. It will allow the team to keep the player feedback in mind and to deliver the best and most polished version of the game when its open beta releases to the public.

The only way to take part in the Division 2 technical beta is by receiving an invite email from Ubisoft. You should check your inbox now and if you didn’t receive anything then the answer is clear that you were not among the chosen ones.

There’s also no guarantee for your participation in the game’s technical test even if you have pre-ordered the game. That’s because all of these invites are sent totally at random just in order to make sure that a wide range of players gets to try it.

Those who are participating in the test will be able to try out all of the content excluding endgame, conflict, and photo mode etc. Also, you won’t be able to invite your friends over unlike the previous closed beta of the game.

As for the open beta, a developer of the game casually revealed that it’s coming. To calm the fans, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have now confirmed that it’s really happening. The Division 2 open beta start date is March 1 and it will last till March 4 on all platforms including Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

It seems like the open beta of the game will pack the same content that we saw in the closed beta which brought us some of the early in-game story missions and an introduction tour to the new Dark Zone. The horrible issues that we saw in the closed beta are also expected to be removed completely. I personally failed to play it continuously as I got timed out every single time so I’m ready to give it another try on March 1.

In order to run the game smoothly and to have the best experience out of the game, you should check out the system requirements of The Division sequel here.

The Division 2 will officially release on March 15, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.