Overkill’s The Walking Dead Cancelled On Consoles, Pre-Orders Given Refunds By Sony

If you were one of those people that was looking forward to Overkill’s The Walking Dead game to come out on consoles, you’re in for a bit of a disappointment. The console ports of the game have been cancelled in the aftermath of a very disappointing launch on PC in November.

The Walking Dead has had a rather spotty history with video games, as despite the critical acclaim that Telltale Games’s narrative adventure game has gotten, other games haven’t been so lucky. A first-person The Walking Dead game called The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, got panned by critics, and Overkill’s The Walking Dead appears to have gone the same way.

This version of The Walking Dead was also a first-person shooter game, but also had a strong emphasis on cooperative play, as four survivors attempt to find their way out of Washington DC after the city has been overrun by zombies. While it sounded good on paper, the concept apparently wasn’t good enough for Walking Dead fans.

Even though Overkill’s The Walking Dead has been cancelled, at least it’s not a total loss for those who haven’t played it yet but had pre-ordered it. Instead the money that these fans spent on pre-orders has been refunded, so they’ll be able to spend that money on another game, whether through another pre-order or a game they’ve wanted but didn’t have the money for.

There’s also the option that if they really want to play it they could buy it on PC, but it might not be worth it considering how underwhelming PC gamers apparently found the game. While the February gaming market is mostly dead, there are still a number of games that you can pre-order that are more than likely going to be better than Overkill’s The Walking Dead.