Ubisoft Will Have A PC-Only Division 2 Technical Test This Thursday

The Division 2 release date is around the corner. This means Ubisoft is going to be making sure the game is finished and ready for the big day. Emphasizing on that, Ubisoft has a Division 2 PC-only technical test planned out this Thursday. Here’s what we know about that so far.

The technical test itself is available to a limited number of PC players, sort of like a closed beta basically. The test will last till Friday, February 22nd and plans to wrap up any sort of server maintenance or bug fixing in the PC edition of the Division 2.

Ubisoft decided on conducting this test following the private beta that they conducted recently. They must have found issues and other technical bugs which they’ll hopefully have rectified in the upcoming test, just in time for the last open beta before release.

Accessibility to the Division 2 PC only technical test will be granted by Ubisoft to randomly selected players. There’s no form of officially signing up except for having played the private beta.

Players in the technical test will have access to the same content that was in the private beta. This includes the main story and side missions that you were able to play. There is one exception to the technical test. It won’t have the Division 2 PvP modes or any Endgame content that was available in the private beta.

The Division 2 PC only Technical test won’t have any NDA either. Meaning people are allowed to share info that they attain on it. Ubisoft also has a dedicated forum for the technical test participants to share their thoughts and bounce topics off each other.

Hopefully, the technical test doesn’t impede the upcoming open beta on the 1st of March. If anything, it should further smoothen out the transition and experience of it.

One of the technical issues they might be trying to fix could be related to the unwarranted banning players were receiving in the closed beta.

We won’t be seeing any sort of testing or maintenance on the PvP aspect of the game. Things like Theft and Greed aren’t included in the PC only test.

This is either due to the one-day time frame, or the fact that there aren’t any issues in that field. Hopefully, the latter is true. If you have been selected for the PC test, Ubisoft will have sent you an email.

The Division 2 is a multiplayer shooter in development at Ubisoft. The game is scheduled to launch on March 15, 2019, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.