Red Hook Studios Announces Darkest Dungeon 2, Return To The Madness

Back in 2015, a small indie development studio called Red Hook Studios released Darkest Dungeon onto Steam Early Access. Since then, after its release, the game has proven to be extremely popular, releasing on many different platforms, and now Darkest Dungeon 2 has been announced on a post on the studio’s Twitter, promising a return to the madness.

Darkest Dungeon told the story of the young scion of a noble family, who is desperately called back to their ancestral home by their patriarch in order to save the family’s lands (and, as it turns out, the whole world), from an eldritch horror that has been awoken beneath the manor by the Ancestor’s depravity.

Players don’t take a direct role in controlling your own character, as this roguelike dungeon-crawling game focuses around you hiring mercenaries of a variety of classes, who in turn march into several distinct areas and battle everything from undead to horrific pig-monsters to pelagic fish-men.

Two DLCs that offered new areas and new storylines also came out, one causing you to face off against mosquito-like vampires and cosmic horrors, respectively, along with releasing a number of new party members like the Shieldbreaker and Flagellant.

Darkest Dungeon 2 appears to be moving away from clearing out your backyard, however. The trailer shows off a massive mountain range, and hints from Red Hook have told us that we may be launching journeys to other places beyond our abused little hamlet, all of them also having been affected by the supernatural apocalypse that players thought they had stopped in the last game.

Red Hook has also promised multiple gameplay changes. These include changes to combat, giving it a significant tune-up both mechanically and in terms of presentation, along with changes to the metagame, since you’ll be enduring a grueling journey rather than cleaning a place out.

What exactly this new journey will entail as you, in the trailer’s terms, “carry the flame” to wherever you’re going remains to be seen. We do know, however, that Darkest Dungeon 2 will be getting released on Steam Early Access, though we don’t know when the game will actually be fully released.

To see the trailer for Darkest Dungeon 2, follow this link.