Are These the New Apex Legends Characters?

Apex Legends released out of pretty much nowhere. One of the smartest moves by EA that in fact, even saved their stocks for the most part. Respawn left no room for speculation or questioning when it came to this game, just the release. Now? People can’t stop talking about it or playing. You’ll notice, however, a slight lack of legends in the game outside of the starting main cast. This might be changing soon if this new Apex Legends character leak is authentic.

That’s a good number of champions. We could be seeing them at any point in the game’s ongoing term. Respawn Entertainment did add about the game intending to release big chunks of content within the first 8 weeks of the game. Stuff that could be like new maps, playlists, game modes and finally, a new Apex Legends character.

This list shows a list of planned champions though. Besides the ones that are already confirmed/playable in game. We can be sure that EA will follow through with Respawn’s plans since the game recovered EA’s stocks.

It’s hard to speculate what any of these characters will be. The names are very vague and could mean anything. Octane had a bit of extra info on them. The info sort of described them as somebody with the ability to boost themselves and other champions.

We’ve been told about Apex’s plans to bring solos and duos to the game soon according to a datamine. Could the same event reveal a new Apex Legends character as well?

Apex Legends is well on its way to being the next big multiplayer battle royale game of the current generation. Especially with how many people are currently playing it. Best moment to continue the now unstoppable force.