Metro Exodus Physical Sales 50% Ahead Of Metro Last Light

Metro Exodus has launched with great critical acclaim despite ditching the underground setting from the previous games. In terms of sales, the game is also enjoying success as Metro Exodus saw a 50% increase in its physical sales compared to Metro Exodus.

This is according to UK physical charts. Metro Exodus outselling Last Light in terms of physical sales is a big milestone. Metro Last Light launch in 2013 and since then a significant number of gamers have moved on to digital purchases.

Physical sales being 50% ahead of Last Light is an indication that the marketing for Metro Exodus was on point. Not only that, metro Exodus also had quite a hype behind it and 4A Games delivered on it.

This is despite the 4A Games and publisher Deep Silver facing backlash for making the PC version exclusive to Epic Store. There is no way at the moment to see how well the game sold on PC.

Many PC gamers are waiting for the game to come to Steam as Metro Exodus in a timed exclusive on Epic Games Store. Not only that, a Metro developer even threatened with no more PC games if gamers boycott Metro Exodus over its Epic Store exclusivity.

If at all all the PC players announce a boycott of the Metro, then the next metro, if it does, is definitely not on the PC. Better or worse, decide for yourself. I personally feel sorry for the loyal fans, yes. But my assessment of the work done personally by me and my friends and colleagues will not change this

Despite being ahead of Last Light, Far Cry New Dawn took the first spot by a margin of 2000 units. Not only that, Far Cry New Dawn physical sales are 75% down compared to Far Cry Primal launch week sales.

But, in the case of Far Cry New Dawn, there is a chance that a majority of gamers have bought the game digitally since there are no Far Cry New Dawn Collector’s editions.

Also, stiff competition with Metro Exodus and Jump Force could have resulted in New Dawn’s sales plummeting. Crackdown 3 also launched the same day as Metro and Far Cry and it failed to even make it to top 10.

Metro Exodus is a first-person survival shooter developed by 4A Games for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.