Far Cry New Dawn Act 2 Walkthrough Guide

In this FCND Guide, we’ll go through all the main story missions in Act 2 of Far Cry New Dawn. This Far Cry New Dawn Walkthrough Guide will cover the story missions that aren’t related to Prosperity Specialists that we have covered in a separate guide.

Far Cry New Dawn Act 2 Walkthrough

Act 2 of Far Cry New Dawn closely ties the story of this game with Far Cry 5. Below you’ll find the walkthroughs for each of the non-specialist story missions:

New Eden’s Secret

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The Prophecy

The exact location of this objective isn’t marked. You’ll need to head to Dutch’s Island. The moment you do, you will start to hallucinate and hear voices. You’ll also see a magenta beam in the sky.

Follow this beam to a staff with the Eden’s Gate symbol glowing over it. Standing behind the staff is the image of The Father that disintegrates, as you get closer. Touch the symbol to start this quest.

After you touch the symbol, turn around and look at the windmill. The windmill will be replaced with a glowing light that is a part of the Eden’s Gate symbol.

You have to complete the symbol using the piece you hold. To do so, you’ll need to look at it from the right spot.

Rotate the symbol until it’s in the right position. There is a handle connected to a wire that makes the symbol rotate. Pull the handle twice until the symbol lines up properly. It’ll make sense, but you’ll realize there are still a few missing pieces.

To find them, first head to the Ranger station and look up the roof. You’ll find several illuminated lights. Move behind the desk into the corner and line up these lights on the roof with those on the windmill.

Hold up your own piece to complete the symbol. After a flash of light, a ghostly figure of The Father outside will shoot arrows into the distance, creating two additional beams. You need to go to those areas and repeat the same process.

One of the symbols is at the boardwalk and will be covered with vines and ivy that you’ll need to burn. Shoot the explosive barrel there to do that, then line up the symbol from the place in the water you can stand on.

The other symbol will be covered with wooden slats you’ll need to destroy with melee attacks before lining up the symbol.

After doing this, Joseph Seed will appear again and shoot a single arrow into the distance. There is a large Eden’s Gate cross that you need to go to.

Head to the waypoint and you’ll find Joseph’s ghost pointing in a certain direction. Follow this path which has been lit up, and you’ll reach Dutch’s Bunker.

Follow the corridor inside the bunker to find a room in which The Father is standing. Approach him and you’ll see a flash and he’ll disappear.

The waypoint will now direct you to a book The Father was looking at. Pick up the book and leave the bunker to conclude the mission.

Eden’s Fire

Head to New Eden after completing The Prophecy mission. At the gate, a mysterious figure will open the door for you and let you in. This figure is The Judge.

He will quietly escort you to the church and ask you to enter it. Inside, you’ll meet Ethan, Joseph Seed’s son.

Ethan will ask you to travel north and gather proof that his father is dead. However, you’re not allowed to go there until you prove your worth.

After he marks your brow with his blood, walk to the waypoint and speak to the settler and he’ll tell you where to go and what you should expect. Head back to the gates and exit New Eden.

Travel to the waypoint and speak with the New Edener near the toppled statue. As you reach, the leader of the Chosen will approach you.

Talk to him and he will tell you what to expect and what should be the mode of action for the upcoming section of the mission. He’ll point you to the bow and arrows on the rock to his left because he wants you to be stealthy.

You don’t have to use these weapons if you have a better silent weapon in your arsenal.

Head to the waypoint and try to stay hidden. Make sure to mark all the enemies in this area. Use the foliage and take the highwaymen out quietly one by one. Take your time and be patient in your approach.

As you reach the base of the statue, the cluster of highwaymen will become denser. Here, you’ll need to be really careful and select your prey with consideration.

Wipe out the remaining foes, and then meet up with the New Edeners and the leader of the Chosen by the entrance to the cavern. You’ll need to enter the cave alone. Here, ignore the waypoint for a bit and head straight to the pipe and drain that is lit up.

Turn the valve to drain the water out of the cavern. You’ll need to destroy three pipes next. Head to the passage that leads to the west first.

Smash through the wooden boards that block your path, then drop down and turn around to find another wooden barricade. Smash that as well to find the pipe. Shoot the pipe and it will start spewing Bliss.

Turn around and run out of the cave quickly before you become intoxicated. The second pipe is in the main part of the cavern and can be easily located.

The final pipe is on the east side, past a wooden barricade. Follow the cave until you reach the end to find the pipe. Shoot it, and then run back to the main room.

Head back up onto the stairs that lead to the exit. Wait for the room to fill up with Bliss. Then, ignite the Bliss with some Molotov cocktails. A few can be found on the stairs.

Keep lobbing Molotovs until the entire place is on fire. Escape the flames, and then talk to the leader of the Chosen to complete the mission.

Into the Bliss

This mission will begin immediately after you complete the previous one (Eden’s Fire). You’ll have to head back to the New Eden settlement. You’ll arrive in the middle of a heated discussion.

You are asked to head north to find Joseph, but Ethan reminds you of what your real mission as well. He’ll also give you a sacrament that makes it possible to survive the Bliss.

Talk to Ethan and he’ll tell you where to go. You will need to light signal fires along the way so you can pass safely through the Bliss. Take the boat and head out on the waters. Follow the waypoint down the river until you enter the area with Bliss.

Here, a second objective will be added once you cross the fog. Head to the waypoint until the Journey to the North objective completes. You will now have to light a beacon in the distance with fire arrows.

Do so and the Bliss will be pushed back, activating a new objective.

Proceed forward until you see a dock next to the gate. Exit the boat and look on the other side of the gate. You’ll see a water wheel with a switching brake. Pull the switch and will the wheel turn to open the gate.

Head back to the boat and swim through the gate, continuing your journey north. You might choke a bit on the Bliss on the way, but you should continue rowing regardless and should make it out safely.

Eventually, you’ll come to the second beacon. Use your fire arrows to light it up. Keep heading down the river after that towards the third beacon, and light it up. Continue forward until you see your path blocked again.

Get on the shore and climb up via the grappling hook. The fourth beacon is on the west side of the bridge, as the waypoint will indicate. There are wolves on the bridge as well, but you have fire arrows that should make dealing with them easy.

However, don’t get too lost in setting pooches on fire, as the Bliss will likely be choking you continuously. Light up the beacon.

Once the coast is clear, look for another water wheel on the other side of the gate. Pull the switch to open the gate. Head back to the boat, then continue this seemingly never-ending journey.

Once you finally reach Joseph’s Sanctuary, you’ll have one last fire beacon to light. Do that and the skies will clear. This will conclude this lengthy and tedious mission.


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