Metro Exodus Forced DLSS Fix, Crashes, How To Disable Motion Blur, Resolution Not Changing Fix

Metro Exodus has launched for consoles and PC and it’s an incredible game. However, Metro Exodus PC players are experiencing errors and issues like forced DLSS, crashes, resolution not changing, stuttering and more.

Here I have compiled a list of errors and issues that PC players are experiencing along with their fixes and workarounds.

Metro Exodus DLSS Not Working, Black Screen, and Fixes

Metro Exodus is another great addition to the Metro franchise. Being a current-gen game, it features many modern rendering techniques and support for DirectX 12.

However, like many PC games, Metro Exodus’ implementation of DirectX 12 is a flawed one and causes issues. Not only that, players are also experiencing issues with Metro Exodus like forced DLSS, DLSS not working, how to disable motion blur and more.

The following are the list of all the errors and issues that players are experiencing along with their possible fixes and workarounds.

Ray Tracing Turning Off With DLSS, Forced DLSS Fix

Real-time Ray Tracing and DLSS are the new features supported by Nvidia RTX GPUs. However, Metro Exodus players are reporting that the implementation of RTX is broken as the Ray Tracing turns off when they turn off DLSS.

It seems that the devs are forcing DLSS with Ray Tracing but that is not the case at all. The reason why this is an issue is that players might not have updated Windows 10. Download the windows update version 1809 and issue will resolve.

DLSS Not Turning On

While some players are experiencing Metro Exodus forced DLSS, some players have reported that DLSS isn’t working. There are a couple of reason behind it.

The first is the outdated version of Windows 10. Follow the link in the ” Metro Exodus Forced DLSS Fix” and download update version 1809 which will resolve the problem.

Another reason why players aren’t able to turn on DLSS is that DLSS doesn’t work with RTX 2080 on a 1080p monitor. So if you are playing the game on RTX 2080 with a 1080p display then it’s no use.

Crash Fix

PC games are not strangers to crashes and Metro Exodus is no exception. Here are a few things you can try to fix Metro Exodus crashes.

For some players Metro Exodus in crashing die to DirectX 12. If you have enabled the DirectX 12 option from the menu, revert it to DirectX 11 and the game won’t crash.

If DirectX is not the issue then outdated GPU driver might be the problem. Download and install the latest drivers for your GPU and also turn off any third-party monitoring tools like MSI Afterburner.

Crash On Startup, Game Not Launching Fix

This is another issue that Metro Exodus PC players are experiencing. Here are a couple of fixes for Metro Exodus crash on startup.

Your anti-virus software or Windows Defender might be detecting the game’s exe as a trojan virus. Either disable your anti-virus or make an exception for it in your anti-virus software. This will resolve the problem.

If this doesn’t work then suggest you uninstall all of the “Microsoft Visual C++” from your PC and reinstall them. Repairing them might also do the trick.

Resolution Not Changing

Players are reporting that the game doesn’t let them change the resolution and is stuck on a lower resolution. This is especially occurring for those using 4K Ultra-wide screens.

Firstly, Metro Exodus doesn’t have support for Ultra-Wide displays, at the time of launch, which is why the issue is popping up. But here are is a fix that might at least let you play at native 4K.

Go to C:\Users\% username%\Saved Games\metro exodus\folder number. Look for the following and set the values as shown below.

r_res_hor 3840
r_res_vert 2160

Save it and run the game and Metro Exodus should be running at native 4K resolution.

Black Screen At Launch Fix

Black Screen is a common issue with PC games and Metro Exodus is no exception. To fix black screen, start the game and when the black screen appears, press “ALT + Enter” and the game will go into Windowed Mode and will start to display.

Now go to video settings and change the game’s resolution to your monitor’s native resolution and you will be able to play Metro Exodus in fullscreen without the black screen.

If this doesn’t work then the issue might be your GPU driver. If you are using outdated GPU driver then update it.

Turn Off Motion Blur

Just like a FOV slider, Metro Exodus doesn’t have the option to turn off Motion Blur. This is annoying to some players and here is a how to disable motion blur.

Go to “C:\Users\(Your name)\Saved Games\metro exodus\folder number” and open user.cfg in notepad. Type and following commands and save it.

r_game_mblur_scale 0
r_blur_level 0

This should disable the motion blur in Metro Exodus.

Low FPS, Stuttering Fix, FPS Boost

Performance issues are bound to pop up when you have so many PC configurations out there. Here are a few things that you can do improve performance.

Firstly, make sure you are using the latest GPU drivers as they bring game-specific optimizations. Also, make sure there is no background process using too much of your CPU or HDD.

If you are using Nvidia RTX GPU, then consider enabling DLSS. This is a reconstruction technique that is much closer to the native resolution you are targeting.

But, DLSS does provide a performance boost at the cost of image quality. Also, Ray Tracing has a huge performance impact so until it’s patched consider disabling it.

Another thing you can do if you own at least GTX 10 series GPU which is open Nvidia Control Panel and go to “Manage 3D Settings” then select “Program Settings”.

Select Metro Exodus from the drop-down list and go through the options. Set Vertical Sync to “FAST” as it will give you a potential FPS boost if you have the CPU and GPU to handle it.

That is all for our Metro Exodus errors with fixes and workarounds for forced DLSS, how to turn off motion blur and more.