Rumors About A Star Fox Racing Game Are Once Again Making The Laps

There have been rumors for a number of years about a Star Fox racing game being in the making by Nintendo. Those rumors are now starting again, but is there any truth to them? Probably not, especially since anything Star Fox that’s not flying tends to turn out pretty bad.

The game would allegedly be developed by Retro Studios, and there would supposedly be a spring release and even a beta in the making after an announcement at the February 13 Nintendo Direct. Considering that the Nintendo Direct is apparently supposed to be focusing on Fire Emblem: The Three Houses, however, it’s likely that the rumor is completely baseless.

Star Fox has had a shaky history over the past few years, with a few games that were well-reviewed and a few that ended up not-so-well reviewed, such as Star Fox Adventure, which while introducing Krystal still gave us a very forgettable RPG that didn’t even really have a place in Star Fox.

So why a racing game? Even though Star Fox is all about flying, there’s at least enough possible content for one. Racing around in space in Arwings and other ships against a variety of other Star Fox characters can sound fun, so long as it’s done correctly, and there’s plenty of different planets, characters, and ships to choose from.

The original rumormongering post comes from a GameFAQs user by the name of Vergeben, who made the original prediction about the Star Fox racing game and has previously gotten information right about Smash Bros, so he at least has a reputation for being reliable.

When the rumors originally started, his claims were backed up by multiple other websites as well, meaning that there is at least some evidence that makes it somewhat believable that there’s a Star Fox racing game coming out. However, one has yet to materialize, and it’s unlikely that Nintendo will announce one today as it shows off its newest offering of Fire Emblem.

Whether Nintendo actually announces the Star Fox racing game remains to be seen, but we’ll probably learn whether or not the rumors are true when today’s Nintendo Direct starts.