Ninja Theory Is Bringing Hellblade to Nintendo Switch

Ninja Theory, one of the highly acclaimed developers, is bringing Hellblade to Nintendo Switch.  If you haven’t played this amazing game yet, playing it on Nintendo Switch isn’t such a bad idea. Nintendo users are going to have a chance to get their hands on this critically acclaimed title soon enough.

Hellblade was released in early 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Ever since its release, there have been rumors of a Nintendo Switch version. This is the first time we are hearing an official confirmation from the developers.

Today has been a good day for Nintendo Switch fans because the latest Nintendo Direct has given us plenty to talk about other than Hellblade. Platinum Games is bringing two new titles to Nintendo Switch.

The biggest Switch news right now is Bayonetta 3’s development update. During the Nintendo Direct, it was confirmed that Bayonetta 3 developers are working hard on the game. There hasn’t been much to talk about lately when it comes to Bayonetta 3. However, Nintendo assured fans that Platinum Games is taking care of things as speak. The development of Bayonetta is going smoothly and we should expect news soon.

Other than Bayonetta, there are two more games coming to Nintendo Switch from Platinum Games. One of the titles in Astral Chain while the other is yet to be announced. Both are new IPs and are going to be self-published by the studio.

We are all well familiar with the Bayonetta series and how it works. However, what is the Astral Chain? Well, it is a new action hack n slash game from the creators of Scalebound and Bayonetta 3.

The plot revolves around an alien invasion in a futuristic city. Your goal is to fend off the enemies and protect the human race. The art style of Astral Chain is similar to God Eater and Nier Automata is closest in terms of gameplay.