Upcoming Nintendo Direct Could Reveal Final Fantasy VII Remake for Nintendo Switch

It’s pretty common for game developers to share each other’s content. Whether that’s for promotion or just their own pure interest. It’s a bit unusual when the content is shared twice though. This was the case with Shinji Hashimoto. You may all know him as the Kingdom Hearts co-creator who’s in fact retweeted Nintendo Direct’s announcement not once, but twice.

Nintendo Direct is basically the Japanese company’s way of staying in touch with their consumers. This is done in monthly intervals with announcements related to the latest Nintendo product. This time being the Nintendo Switch.

The double retweet by Mr. Shinji implies that the announcement could be related to either Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy since he’s worked on that as well. My most plausible theory is that we could be seeing Sora being added to the roster of Super Smash Ultimate. They did recently add a plant so it’s not very far fetched.

Regarding Final Fantasy, this could be related to the confirmation of FF VII getting confirmed to be receiving a Nintendo Switch port. Perhaps a gameplay demo or even a proper preview.

Several datamine leaks speculated on potential additions to the Smash Ultimate out of which Sora wasn’t present in either. Either Nintendo is really good at keeping secrets, or Sora isn’t coming to Smash.

What else could Nintendo Direct be announcing? Perhaps an update to the Mortal Kombat 11 port onto it. A port which was delayed on the Switch in Europe not too long ago.

On the more far fetched side of things, a port of Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Nintendo Switch would be pretty appreciated. That would also sort of go with the retweets that Mr. Shinji so enthusiastically shared with his fans and followers.

What are you expecting from Nintendo Direct?