Far Cry New Dawn Guns and Fangs for Hire Locations Guide – Companions, Abilities, How to Recruit

In the wasteland, it is all about power and influence. The more protection you have, the greater your chances of survival and thus the more likely you are to rehabilitate the world around you. In your fight against the many enemy factions, you will need all the help you can afford.

In this Far Cry New Dawn Guide, we talk about Guns and Fangs for Hire including their combat roles, abilities, locations, and methods to recruit them for your cause.

Far Cry New Dawn Guns and Fangs for Hire

Serving the same basic role of specialists in Far Cry 5, the Guns and Fangs for Hire are Special Companions that accompany you on travels in post-apocalyptic Hope County.

Apart from assisting you in combat via a wide variety of weapons and abilities at their disposal, these individuals will unlock perks at 15 and 40 kills – a nice bonus.

Most of these eight Guns and Fangs for Hire will be recruited as you play through the Main Story. However, unlocking some will require you to complete additional tasks and objectives.

Once you have interacted with these individuals, you will need to complete their Loyalty Missions to successfully recruit them for your side.

In the table below, we have covered all Guns for Hire and Fangs for Hire along with their combat class, abilities, and the exact method of recruiting them for your team:

Gun/Fang for Hire Abilities How to Recruit
1. Horatio – Tank Shield Break: Brings Down a Foe’s Shield. Pig’s Endurance: Horatio Can Use Self–Revive on Itself. Porcine Fury: The Pig Comes Charging Through Destroying Everything in Its Path. Head northwest of Pantry Outpost to Elsinore Farm. Here, complete the side mission “To Love a Boar” by shooting the lock off the shed in which Horatio is caged to free the animal and have him your join your team.
2. Pastor Jerome – Berserker Holy Fire: A Molotov Cocktail Is Tossed Out. Blessed Bullets: Incendiary Ammo Used for Shooting. Vehicle: Motorbike Used for Travelling. Can be recruited by heading to the south of Chop Shop in Ramone’s Lookout just east of Rye & Daughter Aviation. Here you will need to complete “Jerome Comes Home” mission that sees you rescue the priest from a moving cargo.
3. Gina Guerra – Heavy Gunner Who’s Counting: Infinite Ammo. Overload: Explosive Ammo Used for Shooting. Vehicle: Armed Car (With Machine Guns) Used for Travelling. Help Sharky out first as a part of the story. Then complete “Mo’Mommies, Mo’ Problems” that involves a Highwaymen Prisoner in order to recruit Gina.
4. The Judge – Hunter Feral Friendly: Animals are not Aggressive towards the Player, Until Provoked First. Harsh Judgement: 3 Arrows Shot Simultaneously. Vehicle: None. Prove yourself to New Eden to recruit The Judge. This comes as a part of the “Joseph’s Secret” story mission which is unmissable and so The Judge will join your team automatically in Act 2.
5. Hurk – RPG Fast Hands: Hurk’s Reload Speed Is Unparalleled. Heat Seeker: RPGs Will Home In on Air and Land Vehicles. Vehicle: Quad Bike. Can be recruited by heading to southeast of Trailer Town. Play around with explosives in “Days of Blunder” side mission to recruit Hurk.
6. Nana – Sniper Smoke Monster: She is Able to See and Thus Shoot through Smoke. Piercing Gaze: Can Shoot Through Cover. Vehicle: None. Can be recruited by heading to southeast of Signal Point Outpost at Nana’s Perch. Complete “Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Nest” mission.
7. Timber – Scout Retriever: Enemies Will Be Tagged While Nearby Crafting Materials and Weapons Are Fetched by the Dog. Pointer: Nearby Crafting Materials Are Tagged. Guard Dog: Other Animal Attacks Are Interrupted by Timber. Get the dog on your team by heading northeast at Meatfort in Broken Forge Outpost. Complete the mission here titled “Man Eat Dog World”
8. Carmina Rye – Assaulter Dynamite: A Stick of Dynamite Is Tossed Out. Make It a Triple: 3 Sticks of Dynamite Are Tossed Out Successively. Vehicle: Car Your starting companion. Recruited for you right from the beginning.

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