New Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Boss Shown In New Official Twitter Clip

A new post on the official Sekiro Twitter page has given us our first look at a new Sekiro Shadows Die Twice boss. The boss, a samurai general named Tenzen Yamauchi, is one of the multiple bosses that we’ll be fighting over the course of From Software’s new game.

Being a From Software game, Sekiro will be pitting players against a feudal-era Japan with a number of notable changes such as the presence of magic, monsters, and horrific creatures, such as a giant snake. We’ve already seen one other supposedly human boss prior to this, the Corrupted Monk, but Yamauchi will be the first apparently normal human we face. Of course, this still being a From Software game, he’s a lot bigger than you are.

All the same, according to the Twitter blurb Yamauchi demands a “keen eye”, meaning that despite his size he’s probably really fast. This, surprisingly, shouldn’t be new to fans of From Software games either, as the new Sekiro Shadows Die Twice boss isn’t even the first samurai boss we’ve seen.

Previously, in Dark Souls 2, there was a hidden boss named Ser Alonne, a wandering samurai knight that had taken residence in the castle of the Old Iron King. Despite being three times as tall as the player he was extremely fast, making him one of the more challenging battles. Players can also think of Bloodborne, which despite having a number of large bosses also made them all absurdly fast.

So, if you’ve been playing From Software games for a while now, this new Sekiro Shadows Die Twice boss might not be all that tough for you. However, From Software has also previously stated that the game will be harder than the Dark Souls games, so even veterans may still have to play carefully in this strange new setting. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be available on March 22 of this year for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.