Neil Blomkamp Has Made A Live Action Anthem Short, Premiering Tomorrow

Neil Blomkamp is known for many things. His films often involve futuristic technology to some degree, including powered exoskeletons filled with weapons. So, what better way for him to show that love than make a live action Anthem short that will be premiering tomorrow, a week before the game releases?

Anthem’s entire gameplay structure, where players suit up in great Iron Man style power armored suits and fly off into the jungle to fight enemies, would fit Blomkamp’s normal style of filmmaking just fine. While his movies often involve a great deal of social commentary, advanced technology and big guns are just as important to the story.

His short films, however, are an entirely different matter. Through Oats Studios, his personal short film studio, Blomkamp has been able to make a wide variety of shorts, ranging from Rakka, which stars Sigourney Weaver and tells of Earth in 2020 as it’s being occupied and terraformed by aliens, to ADAM, a series of short films about robots and their apparent struggle to become human.

All of these short films will likely be the sort of style that his Anthem short, entitled Conviction, will go for, especially since it’s also about a struggle as humanity fights to survive on a world left half-finished, surrounded by enemies that want to see their refuge of Fort Tarsis destroyed.

We don’t know what the live action Anthem short will involve, since we’ve only gotten a teaser for it, but considering Neil Blomkamp’s pedigree when it comes to both short films and feature films, it’ll hopefully be a good one.

You can see the trailer for the live action Anthem short by following the link at the top of the page. Anthem will be coming out on February 22 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. You’ll be able to see the short itself when it comes out tomorrow.