Black Ops 4 Blackout Map Getting Major Changes Soon

The official Call of Duty Twitter account is now teasing some major changes coming to the map of Black Ops 4 Blackout mode. The cryptic video uploaded is a blueprint of the current map with small red Xs spread across the map hinting us that changes will be made to these exact locations.

There’s a big X in the down right corner of the map next to the Turbine which we think will receive a new desert location. Another circle can be seen on the map which everyone is expecting to be a new location in the water section of the map. Maybe the Carrier map from Black Ops 2? We will have wait to find out.

Some players are expecting Buried from Black Ops 2 to arrive since a sign of it was discovered but it’s really hard to guess what’s coming this time as this new video by Treyarch is without a doubt more cryptic than any of the previous videos.

Treyarch has made several changes to the Blackout map since its arrival. The previous Black Ops 4 Blackout map update brought us the Hijacked map which was replaced by an empty part of the map so something similar is expected to happen with the upcoming update.

Apart from the battle royale mode, the developers are now working to release the next new operation in Black Ops 4. To mark the end of the current Absolute Zero operation, new modes are coming this week along with double XP for all three modes, new Blackout playlists, multiplayer playlists, and more starting with the PlayStation 4.

Starting with a Valentine’s Quad Feed weekend on February 14, you will be able to earn double XP and weapon XP in the multiplayer mode, double XP and Nebulium Plasma in Call of Duty zombies and double merits in the battle royale mode. The event will end on Tuesday, February 19 at 1 PM ET so take full advantage of it to level up as much as you can.

Two special modes are also coming. First is the Arms Race Team Deathmatch playlist in multiplayer which will give you 150 points for each kill.

On the other hand, Blackout mode is getting Close Quarters Frenzy mode once again on PS4 which is something the Call of Duty players are already used to. It’s basically a fast-paced and an intense mode with SMG, shotguns, pistols, and Bowie Knives only.