Apex Legends Twitch Traffic Way Ahead Of Fortnite After First Week

Last week, Respawn Entertainment announced and released Apex Legends, a 60-person battle royale game set in the Titanfall universe. The game was a smash hit immediately, to the point where Apex Legends Twitch traffic is now smashing Fortnite, the previous new hotness in the Battle Royale scene for video games.

While the game has yet to crack the same number of hours streamed as Fortnite (the game is trailing by about 600,000 hours of streamed content), it is way ahead in terms of watched content, with 11 million total hours watched together. The game also had a larger viewerbase than Fortnite by about 70,000 more viewers.

Even though Apex Legends loses a lot of the different things that made Titanfall unique as a shooter, such as getting rid of most of its advanced movement options like wall-running, and also getting rid of the ever-present Titans, that still leaves Titanfall’s fine-tuned gunplay and plenty of different weapons and gadgets to help keep things spiced up.

What makes Apex Legends Twitch traffic so spectacular, however, is that there hasn’t been any drop in Fortnite to fight against. The game is still getting as many viewers on Twitch as it previously did, but Apex Legends is so new and so well-regarded, apparently, that it’s still attracting a great deal of attention.

Fortnite has had 125,000 more streamers, 4,000 channels streaming it, and 640,000 more hours streamed, yet the game is still being beat out by Apex in every category.

The reason that Apex Legends Twitch traffic is so high is likely because Respawn Entertainment and EA have put a lot of money into making sure some of the internet’s biggest battle royale streamers promoted it, so it might sink below Fortnite in terms of viewers and streaming again if nothing new comes out for it in time.

Either way, you can currently play Apex Legends for free on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.