Here’s a List of All Anthem Pilot Level Unlocks and Rewards

BioWare’s Anthem features stunning Javelins with pilots inside which can be leveled-up by completing missions and to earn new rewards. You will unlock interesting new rewards including Forge slots, match consumables and new Javelins with each level up. Today we are going to tell you about each level and what it unlocks in case you don’t know.

Below we have a list of every pilot reward that you will unlock in Anthem till level 30 which is currently the max level set by the developers.

  • Level 2 New Javelin Unlocked!
  • Level 4 Weapon Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 6 Basic Component Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 8 Consumable Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 10 Support Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 12-New Javelin Unlocked!
  • Level 14-Minor CortYponent Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 16-Major Component Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 18 Consumable Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 20-New Javelin Unlocked!
  • Level 22-Basic Component Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 24-Minor Component Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 26 Consumable Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 28-New Javelin Unlocked!
  • Level 30-Major Component Slot Unlocked!
  • Level 30 Grandmaster Difficulties Unlocked!

The last unlock is at level 30 which starts the end game of Anthem and also unlocks a new set of Grandmaster difficulties including Grandmaster 1, 2 and 3. If you want to have the best gear in the game then we advise you to play on Grandmaster 3 but it’s not going to be easy.

Grandmaster 3 is the toughest difficulty in the game and it provides enemies with increased health and damage. The damage is said to be increased by  3,100 percent. So be ready for a lot of grinding until you reach level 30.

Lead Producer of Anthem video game has now confirmed that all the XP and loot can be earned in the game until you leave a mission. There a was a bug in Anthem demo which resulted in all of your loot and XP being lost if you got disconnected from the servers but it’s now fixed as we reach closer to the release date of the game.

EA’s Anthem release date is set for February 22, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.