The Outer Worlds Won’t Be A Very Long Game But Will Enough Content

Players have been heavily speculating over the exact hours a player would need to put into completing the Outer Worlds. Obsidian and game’s co-creator Tim Cain confirms that The Outer Worlds isn’t a very long game overall. In fact, it’ll be taking 12-14 hours at most to complete. Regarding the game’s length, here’s what he had to say:

We’ve decided to put our effort into the reactivity and replayability—because of our size and budget, those necessitate a smaller, more tightly-controlled game than a giant sandbox open world where you can run everywhere.

So the game is more reminiscent to Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic, another Obsidian classic. Outside of Obsidian, games like Dishonored offer a similar experience. One where you are provided with a closed, sandbox environment full of options and interactions. They don’t, however, contain the freedom of a fully open world title.

We already know that RPG elements are a big focus, as we’ve been told that the game will have multiple endings. A very staple requirement in any RPG. We already have high hopes for a game by Obsidian, who’ve proven themselves in the past as able to write great stories. Fallout New Vegas alone is proof enough for it.

Is this a good trade-off? Depends on two things, the preference of the player and the quality of the product. Regarding quality, as I’ve said before, Obsidian is good and consistent with proper story writing. As for the lack of a free open world, that makes for a more condensed and focused experience. A lot of players don’t like the draggy aspect of roaming about a massive open world with tonnes of time-consuming activities. Even though Obsidian has done so in the past with New Vegas.

Are you still excited for the Outer Worlds release date?