Spellbreak Will Also Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive

The ongoing rise of Epic Games as a launching platform continues, as Spellbreak also becomes an Epic Games store exclusive. This is despite using Steam initially to conduct its testing and so on. Spellbreak is following others like Metro Exodus in the migration to a new launcher.

Epic Games allured a good amount of game devs when they promised to only take a 12% cut of the sales as compared to Steam taking 30. Epic might change the developer cut in the future, but for now it does favor the developers more than the consumers.

Only the base game of Spellbreak is coming to the Epic Games store. This angered several fans that anticipated the founder’s edition of the game which won’t be available on the Epic store. The availability of the founder’s edition may change in the future.

Especially indie game developers like Spellbreak. One that’s currently still in more or less of its testing stages. The game is another in the line of ongoing battle royales, but it deviates by being focused on specifically magic and spells. Player is able to choose a class at the start of the game, the classes having passive abilities of their own. Then during the match, earned exp can be invested into unlocking a second class.

The indie studio may be releasing the game into its complete state this year, hence the migration to the Epic Store. Epic is for now more beneficial for game developers. Not as much for consumers in comparison to Steam with their refund policies and what not. Regional pricing was originally another issue brought up, but that’s been fixed recently.

Do you think Epic Games is going to be a problem for the longtime monopoly that Steam and Valve have established over the current generation of gaming?

Source: Techraptor