Arctic Director Joe Penna Has Seen Nothing Like Death Stranding

Joe Penna, the director of the recently released movie, Arctic, says that he has never seen anything like Death Stranding. Penna previously asked Hideo Kojima about when he will get to play the game to which the man himself replied by saying that it will take a while but it looks like he has already played it.

New Tweets by Joe Penna tell us that he has played the game and he’s very impressed with it. In another Tweet, the film director praised Kojima by saying that he’s at “the very top”.

He’s not alone as some other people were lucky enough to play the game including Cory Barlog, the director of God Of War, Remedy Studios and Guerilla Games.

Recently the director of Metal Gear Solid movie Jordan Vogt Roberts also took it to Twitter to talk about the upcoming masterpiece by Hideo Kojima. He mentioned that the gamers are not yet ready for it while the hype is being built up. Jordan Vogt Roberts said:

So @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN let me play DEATH STRANDING. The world is next-level immaculate. It’s like freebasing pure Kojima & Shinkawa. Remember when FURY ROAD blew you away but also made you (in the best-most-thankful way) ask “wtf” how does this miracle exist? YOU. ARE. NOT. READY.

As for when Death Stranding is coming out? We still don’t know but we are expecting it to release sometime in late 2020. The story of the game is another mystery. Norman Reedus says that the trailers we have seen show us an aspect of it, not the whole picture. Reedus says that it’s like a whole other thing and it’s a crazily complicated game.

It’s no longer a secret that Death Stranding is going to be nothing like we have ever seen before. The above-mentioned comments by big directors confirm that it’s all going to be worth the wait.

Death Stranding is being developed by Kojima Productions and will release exclusively for PlayStation 4.